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BonJo Roasting


A freshly brewed pot of coffee is how many people jump start their mornings.  But what people don’t always realize is how much detail goes into getting you that perfectly crafted morning Joe. Our coffee travels a long way across the world and goes through an extensive process to ensure that only the best quality cup of coffee makes it into your hands.  From greens to roast BonJo inspects every aspect of coffee giving you only the very best that nature has to offer us.   


Coffee is a small red fruit (when ripe) that must go through many stages to become the tasty brown bean that can be grinded and brewed. Our berries undergo a wet process to remove the outer skin and the pulp of the cherry.  Once all other layers of the cherry are removed the seed inside of it is sundried to turn into green coffee. We then source only the “cream de la crop” greens to enter our roasting process. Raw beans are sourced by pouring over samples from all over the bean belt.  We automatically eliminate low quality greens and out of season crop.  We strive to get greens that have an ideal amount of moisture to gain the longest shelf life for our consumers.


What differentiates us from other coffee roasters is our method in roasting our selected greens.  Roasting consists of a balance of right handed timing and intuition. We have used our years of experience to determine the best temperature for roasting our greens experimenting over and over again until we found exactly what is needed to maximize the body aroma flavor and caffeine from each bean.  The reason why we roast coffee is to remove the bitterness and acidity that natural coffee greens embody.   Furthermore to make ourselves different we excluded the “quenching” processing from our production to alleviate the amount of moisture absorbed in the coffee bean.  We have selected this method because roasting forces water out of the bean, causing it to dry and expand in the process, allowing its natural sugars to rise.

Finally, we use only the top of the line roasters to make sure that our beans are roasted with precision removing any room for error in color and taste.  Our machine allows each green to have the exact exposure to roasting time and doesn’t scorch the beans because flames are never touching the actual coffee.  Each of these factors has proven to create our unique and unmistakable cup of coffee that caters to all different flavor pallets.