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  • $60.00
    • 30oz (887ml) capacity • Easy to clean - just remove filter and rinse through • Heat-resistant glass construction • Requires Chemex filters • Super pretty! • Polished wood collar with leather tie • Made in the USA Undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and elegant coffee makers available. The Chemex was designed in 1941 and has been making delicious coffee ever since. Its non-porous, heat-resistant glass construction, combined with proprietary, scientifically designed filters, produces coffee with clarity and complexity. In fact, it's the filters that are the star of the Chemex show. They are 20-30% heavier than other filters and remove even the finest sediment particles. The design of the filter facilitates the proper infusion time by regulating the filtration rate - about a 4 minute brew. One warning: As the filters are made of heavy paper, they require a full rinse with hot water. before brewing. to remove any paper taste. It's worth noting that there are also other filter options for the Chemex. If you want to try a re-usable filter that gives you a totally different, but equally delicious coffee, then check out the Able Kone Since the Chemex is made out of glass, you can see the coffee as it brews and, as it's a pour over method, you can also customize your particular brew method very easily. It comes with a polished wood collar and leather tie: the collar serving as an insulated handle around the middle of the coffeemaker. The Chemex is so cool that it has a permanent display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and is how James Bond makes his coffee. What other endorsements do you need? Learn More
  • $25.00
    • Eastman Triton BPA free plastic construction • Easy to clean - just remove filter and rinse through • Supplied with lid to help retain heat • Supplied with coaster to rest on during and after brewing • 16oz max capacity • Single cup brewer (or 2 small cups) Aptly named the Clever, Abid's full-immersion dripper produces a clean, tasty cup that couldn't be any easier to use. To brew a cup, simply place a filter in the brewer, add ground coffee, pour water over the coffee, steep for 2-4 minutes, and then place the dripper on top of your cup. The cup's rim engages the release valve and the coffee begins to drain through the bottom of the dripper into your cup. This brewer takes standard #4 filter Learn More
  • The AeroPress comes bundled with everything that you need (apart from the coffee and a grinder) to get started: • AeroPress • Stirrer • 350 filters • Filter holder • Coffee funnel (We also use it as a stand) • Scoop You might be surprised to learn that the AeroPress was invented by Alan Adler, the inventor of the Aerobie Disk. The AeroPress has only been around since 2005 but its indestructible build and countless brewing variations have made it the favorite among many coffee professionals. The fact that there’s a World AeroPress Championship shows the versatility and quality of these little brewers. So how do you use it? Simple. Firstly, open the box, remove the instructions and throw them away. Then... • Put your freshly ground and weighed out coffee into the inverted (with the filter end pointing upwards) AeroPress. As a guide, start with 15-16g for 250ml of water and adjust to taste. • Put the filter into the filter holder and wash though with hot water to get rid of any nasty paper taste • Pour just off the boil water over the coffee, filling the AeroPress nearly to the top • Stir a prescribed amount of times (we use three) and top off with water • Attach the filter holder and secure (before the end of the brew time) • Leave to brew for your preferred brew strength (our preference is about a minute from when the water makes contact) • Turn over onto the top of your favourite sturdy mug and push down the plunge until the AeroPress is empty, and you hear a slight hissing sound We admit, these are pretty rough instructions, but you can click your way over to our friends at and you will be rewarded with a range methods for various brewing equipment. Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalate free Learn More
  • $24.00
    • 20-oz. capacity (2.5 cups) • Resists heat • Borosilicate glass and stainless-steel construction • Cool Touch - Black Bakelite plastic handle Coffee connoisseurs love the press method because it produces a rich, dark brew that showcases every nuance of flavor. Great for entertaining, our solid glass press is easy to use. Just heat water to the optimal brewing temperature, then pour over coarsely ground beans and allow the coffee to steep. As you push down on the plunger, the press filters out the coffee grounds, producing a full-bodied brew with rich flavor and aroma. Learn More
  • • Heatproof, glass • Removable red or black base • Up to 10oz capacity • Made in Japan The glass V60-01 dripper from Hario is perfect for those who want a clear V60 dripper, but without the plastic. This method, paired with the appropriate filters, is ideal for making single cups of coffee directly into the mug - you can make up to 16oz in one brew - and ensures that you only make the coffee that you need. It's simple to use, easy to clean and, as long as you have good coffee, may make you put your coffee machine away for good. Learn More
  • • Designed with aluminum for optimum heat conduction • Safe for gas, electric, and radiant heat sources • Soft touch ergonomic handle resists heating • Polished finish will look charming in any kitchen • Hard wearing material improves with age • Do not use in dishwasher, microwave, or induction hob • Capacity: 6 cups | Length: 6.75" | Width: 4" | Height: 8" • Color: Red & Stainless Steel Craft rich Italian espressos and classic coffee brews with La Cafetiere's Classic Espresso Coffee Maker with a BonJo Red finish! This stovetop coffee machine is crafted with durable aluminum that retains and conducts heat evenly, giving each sip an ideal temperature. Because this espresso maker is easy to assemble and heats on most stove surfaces, you don't have to worry about it breaking down after only a few years. La Cafetiere's 6 Cup Classic Espresso Coffee Maker is perfect for every day beverages or crafty treats! Learn More
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