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  • $15.00
    Kona and South American Blend Our delightful 20% Kona Coffee blend is flawlessly roasted at a city roast. The medium roast makes this a perfect breakfast or morning coffee to start your day as brightly as this exquisite coffee. Taste Hawaii in every sip…and maybe even pretend you are on the luscious secluded beaches before starting your Learn More
  • Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Dried Currant, Floral Tea like Roast Profile: Light to Medium Roast Learn More
  • Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Peach, Lime Roast: Light to Medium Ethiopia holds the title for the founders of coffee and the history of where it all began making them natural masters of coffee harvesting. With their beliefs and practices of producing all coffee that is organic comes some of the most natural tasting and elegant cups produced. Our stunning clean, sweet, flawless Ethiopian coffee is meant to be savored. The wisps of fruit aroma will gravitate you to this bag, even while it’s closed just sitting on your counter. A compelling powerful smell is the least of what this cup offers. Its light roast is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon curled up while reading your favorite book over coffee. Learn More
  • Tasting Notes: Cherry, Cantaloupe, Brown Sugar Roast Profile: Medium Roast Learn More
  • Tasting Notes: honey, lemon, milk chocolate Roast Profile: Medium Roast Learn More
  • With a third of the world’s coffee being produced in Brazil it’s expected that a perfect cup of coffee would come out of this country. Monte Cristo Estate lived up to the expectation of the production of their crop. This bean is roasted in a medium to full city roast to enhance the natural sweet nuttiness this coffee embodies. If roasted darker more of the chocolate notes appear while making the nuttiness distant and thin. Our Brazil offers a smooth clean finish with a lasting desirable and unique aftertaste. Learn More
  • Single Origin Estate Process: Swiss Water Process DECAF Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Lemon, Black Tea, Raspberry Roast Profile: Medium to Dark Roast Certifications: Organic The highest admiration for decaffeinated coffee is when a coffee drinker isn’t sure if it’s decaf or not. This coffee is one of those when blind tested it proved to be more desirable than those of caffeine. Our Decaf Organic Mexican is pleasantly smooth in acidity, with a rich flavor, a natural sweetness, and full body. It blends perfectly with our other coffees for those half-caff fans. Also makes for a great after dinner coffee for those affected by caffeine Learn More
  • This standout coffee comes to us form the CoopeTarrazu comprised of 8 farms in the Tarrazu region; With the coop, farmers can provide the very best of all their member's crops resulting in this delightful cup called La Pastora. This coffee is complex with flavors but also perfectly balanced with its round body and creamy texture. The cup has no bias as it caters to everyone, as well as being able to be served hot or cold without compromising its profile. Learn More
  • Single Origin Decaffeinated Mountain Water Process Tasting Notes: cinnamon, bbq spice, malty, savory Roast Profile: Medium to Dark Roast Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade The unexpected occurred when we found this unique decaffeinated Guatemalan, could it be…was it really decaf? It’s hard to be sure with the mountain water process retaining and upholding the integrity of the coffee flavor and with the dark roast enhancing the spices protruding out of every bean. The coffee is sweet, with a strong body to it. It has most definitely become one of our favorite decafs and we hope it’s yours too! Learn More
  • Tasting Notes: Toffee, Lemon, Honey Roast: Dark to Medium Certifications: Fair Trade Organic Learn More
  • Tasting Notes: butterscotch, blackberry, winey Roast Profile: Dark Roast This is one of the high-end fancy Sumatrans that is most sought after. There is only one word for this coffee which is absolutely AMAZING! With a sweetness from start to finish this coffee takes you on a journey to the farm it was harvested on. Similar to the earthiness of Sumatra’s this crop has a rustic fragrance but diverts from its origins musky similarities with the intense flavor of fruits and wine-like characteristics. Our Sumatra “Blue Patak” is anything but simple so for those of you seeking a nice dark roast with a punch this coffee is it. Learn More
  • • Black BPA Free Plastic • 7 Gram (2 tablespoon) • Measures precisely recommended dosage of ground Espresso Coffee This 7 Gram (2 tablespoons - 1 ounce, 20 ml.) Coffee Dosing Scoop is a semi accurate way to measure whole coffee beans, sometimes grounds and replicate measurements. For absolute accuracy and consistency, we recommend the use of a digital scale. Learn More
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